Top Eleven Game: Guide for Newbies

It may seem pretty obvious, however do sign in through FB. In addition to enjoying the game with your friends, you’ll be convinced that all your game progress will stay safe all the time. What’s more Top Eleven gets further enjoyable if you’ve your friends as your competitors.

Understand all the things in the menu list. Because this game does not offer the coolest guides to follow.

You’ll need to devote most of your time in training. You could choice various training routines for the players as well as concentrate upon any one. There is an option for 3 different training modes: for sharpening your skills & improving team play, match practice looks the best, for normal fitness enhancements cardio appears great, whereas stretching minimizes the likelihoods of injuries players to the players.

For setting up various tactics & formations, you have squad. You may also utilize the squad to move the players around. Test every player’s skills as it indicates where they can be the most effective & least effective. Think of whether you wish to have an offensive or a defensive team. Then, strategize accordingly.

Top Eleven is very much dependent upon time. Using the Fixtures, you will know when your next game is. You can get eligible for several bonuses for attending a match as a viewer.

You will be able to earn cash as well as tokens by lifting the sales of your tickets, getting cash through the bank & dealing with the sponsors. Read the tips below to fully understand this.

Various sponsorship deals can be in order to earn decent volume of money. For signing up for the deal, visit the Finances screen, then press onto the Sponsorship icon. Hit available sponsor bar for knowing the amount of cash you could get for a single season.

For earning the tokens, sign up for TV rights. For signing any deal, press the television Rights tab present at the top part & press open deals. You could receive up-to thirty tokens for 10 days period. Try to visit frequently (login via Facebook for playing the game) in order to earn the tokens. For each login, you receive one additional token.

One more method for earning some cash is by increasing the sales of your ticket. The finances screen allows you to set your ticket rate. This also helps encourage the players for the victory.

For increasing the ticket sales, you simply need to pick the Stadium. Then press Upgrades tab present at the bottom right end of your display. A new window pops up & gives you the choices for increasing your seats, modify the type of field, as well as add extra facilities.

In case none of the above offer you sufficient cash, you could receive the financial help using the banks. Visit the Finances option, press on Help from Bank. However remember that you’ll need to spend a few tokens for getting the cash from the bank.

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